The inauguration of Donald Trump will be all anyone is talking about on Friday and you probably can't escape it. But Discovery is giving you a live look from anywhere in the world. Click on the link below and go live to Washington, DC.

The virtual viewing party is something that everyone can take part in young and old.

A virtual viewing party is a shared viewing experience of the Discovery Education video Flipping the White House which looks at the importance of transitioning the White House from one presidential administration to the next and the difficulties in doing this in less than six hours.

Thousands of classrooms will simultaneously access this video and share their thoughts and reflections around the peaceful transfer of power in the United States and the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the incoming first family is able to enjoy their new home. If this is your first virtual viewing party read our FAQs for additional information.

The content and activities are suitable for all grades but we recommend you preview the video to determine if it is appropriate for your students.

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