(Video of today's press conference held by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry)

A new weapon has been announced in the fight against the opioid epidemic - drug take back boxes in Lafayette and St. Landry Parishes.

"Fighting the opioid epidemic takes a multi-dimensional approach, and I am grateful to have law enforcement partners standing with me to tackle this devastating and deadly problem," said Attorney General Landry at a press conference with law enforcement today. "I am thankful for the sheriffs in Acadiana helping us to get unnecessary drugs out of medicine cabinets and away from those who may misuse them."

Those sheriffs - Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber and St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz - are partnering with AG Landry and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators to establish safe and secure locations for residents to drop off their unused or expired prescription drugs, rather than keep them in their homes.

"I am very pleased with this cooperative program between the Louisiana Attorney General's Office and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office,” said Sheriff Garber. "I believe this program will help keep prescription drugs off the street and out of the hands of people who may abuse them."

"I am happy and honored to partner with Attorney General Jeff Landry and Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber on the very important task of fighting this opioid epidemic in Acadiana," said Sheriff Guidroz. "The abuse of these medications has dire implications for everyone in our Parish and State; and we hope that by facilitating the proper disposal of unused or expired opioids, we can help to bring this problem under control."

Attorney General Landry says Acadia and Vermilion Parishes are also planning to have additional drug take back boxes soon.

"Sheriff Kip Gibson and Sheriff Mike Couvillon are working with our office to place boxes in their Parishes in the near future," added General Landry. "And I hope to have at least one in every Parish throughout the State."

You can find the drug take back box locations at www. EndTheEpidemicLA.org.

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