A local restaurant is apologizing after trading barbs with customers on Facebook.

La Rumba Mexican Restaurant in Scott is learning a tough lesson in social media management after a Facebook post quickly went south—and eventually, viral.

After a customer by the name of Bubba Gilbert left them a bad review on their Facebook page, the restaurant responded calling the man "drunk and offensive."


The official page also posted a photo of the man from his Facebook page, continuing to defend themselves against his bad review.


Victoria Trahan says she didn't know Gilbert, but when she saw what they posted, she decided to come to the man's defense.

I saw the business post a picture from this mans Facebook, bash him, and I made a comment on their post that I just thought it was inappropriate for them to handle things this way. My comment got deleted so I made the review. That’s when the ugliness started.

Trahan said she was appalled when she saw replies from the official page that not only shamed her but continued to mock her and others who chimed in as the post went viral.



Soon it was realized that Jose Chavez was the person posting behind the official La Rumba Scott la Facebook page when he began posting similar replies from his personal Facebook page.


Locals were shocked to see the events unfold in real time as numerous people chimed in on the exchange between La Rumba and anyone who criticized their behavior on social media.

Trahan says the insults that La Rumba posted about her weight didn't hurt her, but she was shocked to see such "blatant disrespect" from a business over something that could have been handled with a simple apology.

I am not offended about him telling me I need to lose weight. I am more upset and that blatant disrespect towards multiple people. I think it was terrible business to handle things the way he did when things could have been settled with a simple apology and an offer to make Mr. Gilbert’s experience a better had he given them another chance.

Eventually, the restaurant owner, Manuel Rodriguez, caught wind of what was going on and posted a public apology to the La Rumba Facebook page from his personal account, although Chavez continued to exchange words in the comments with other users.


I eventually spoke with Chavez who told me he felt bad after seeing the trouble his actions caused. He told me he didn't want his poor decisions to affect the restaurant.

Trahan said that Chavez also reached out to her to personally apologize, but she let him know that the damage was done and wished him "the best of luck." She also believes that the owner was not involved and feels terrible for him.

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Mr. Manuel. And I’m sad for him truthfully.

Many were shocked by what they saw from the page, vowing to never give La Rumba their business while others claimed the actions of one person shouldn't cause the restaurant or the other employees to suffer as a result.

We've reached out to the Rodriguez for further comment, but haven't heard back yet. At the time of this post, the La Rumba Scott La Facebook page has been deleted.