Do you smell it? We have received a ton of calls and emails into the KPEL newsroom regarding the smell that has taken over much of Lafayette this morning. Reports have come from across the area, but city and parish officials don’t have an explanation for the small odor. They do say, however, that it is not hazardous. LCG Environmental Quality Manager Bess Foret says the fire department and HAZMAT teams have scoured the parish in search of any leaks in their systems. No leaks have been found.

Air quality tests have also been performed at various locations and all samples have been non-hazardous. Foret says sometimes a change in weather or wind conditions could change how much we smell certain swampy areas.

KPEL has been unable to confirm listener reports that the smell is coming from a plant in Vermilion Parish. We have calls out to various agencies and will continue to report on this story throughout the day.

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