Structural integrity is just one of the issues that is prompting Lafayette Consolidate Government to demolish fire station #3 and make a brand new fire station at that location.

Fire station #3 is located at 429 Cooper Drive in Lafayette City Council District 1, and demolition of the facility starts soon. Taking the place of this old building that was built in 1978 will be a modern facility that will take the crew into the next decade and beyond.

Lafayette Fire Department officials say in addition to the issues about the fragility of the structure itself, it was only built for a few firefighters, there is no part of the station that is designated for the female firefighters, and there newer equipment is needed for changing times.

It comes down to money. It will be much more cost effective to build a new fire station then try to deal with the costs associated with an older building.

During the interim, the firefighters from station #3 will be temporarily located at the fire station on Ambassador Caffery. That's were they will be when they are called out to respond to a fire near the old station.

According to Lafayette Fire Department Robert Benoit says services calls for response to emergencies will not be affected by this temporary move.

While officials have not yet determined the exact date that the demolition will not happen until all the plans for the new fire station are complete. The cost of the project is $1.5 million.

Chief Benoit says,

It's not too often we are able to build new fire stations, but we are thankful for the support of the Lafayette Consolidated Government's administration and council. The new station will improve service for the residents in City Council District 1, provide adequate living arrangements for all firefighters and benefit public safety in Lafayette as a whole.




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