The Lafayette Police Department has completed their investigation of the fatal downtown shooting that happened after hours during Festival weekend.

According to a press release from Cpl Karl Ratcliff:

Lafayette Police have determined through multiple witness accounts that the deceased, George Ford, produced and fired a handgun at two men he was in an altercation with on scene.

The investigation has indicated that Ford shot the two men before one of them eventually fired back, fatally wounding Ford. Ford’s weapon was found in his possession on scene.

As suspected, the shooting stemmed from an isolated altercation among these three individuals. No charges have been filed against either of the men at this time.

The Lafayette Police Department has concluded their investigation of the shooting and has forwarded the findings to the District Attorney’s Office for review and assessment of charges.

Two bystanders received secondary injuries from debris resulting from bullet impacts (they were not shot).

More information on the original story here.

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