Lafayette Roofing & General Contractors is surprising law enforcement officers with something special.

According to KATC the local company "seeks out deserving LEOs" who are in need of a new roof over their heads, but may not have the cash in their budget to get one at the moment. For the second time in the last few months, Lafayette Roofing surprised a Lafayette Sheriff's deputy with a "blue roof."

We couldn’t have picked a better candidate: Somebody who has devoted their life not only to the US military but now they are serving their community, somebody doesn’t do that on a whim. We’re just blessed and proud to be out here today.

Lafayette Roofing's owner, Darren Domingue believes that a "solid roof over your head protects everything below," and if you want to submit a veteran or law enforcement officer, shoot them an email at their contact page.

Check out the before and after photos here at KATC.

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