A middle school student from Lafayette parish wrote this letter to Cpl. Middlebrook's family during a recent fundraiser at his school.

Cpl. Middlebrook is the Lafayette police officer who was shot last Monday and laid to rest late last week.

This week, Wednesday, all Lafayette Parish public schools held a fundraiser for the fallen officer's family. Schools allowed their students to wear either jeans or a blue shirt in honor of Cpl. Middlebrook if they donated a dollar to the cause.

One student, who donated his own money to the fundraiser, went a step further and wrote this letter to the family of Cpl Middlebrook. In the letter, the student says that he went to his "chore jar" to get more money because he wanted to donate more than just a dollar.

With the permission of the school and the student's mother, we are sharing this with you. We should note here that students in Lafayette Parish raised more than $19,000 this week for Cpl. Middlebrook's family.

We hope that the family of Cpl. Middlebrook gets this or sees this letter. This came straight from the heart!

Here's the letter:

From: Teacher of Student
From: Teacher of Student

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