Dustin Poirier's bid to become the undisputed UFC World Lightweight Champion ended in disappointment Saturday night.

After winning the first round, Poirier submitted to a rear naked choke in the third round of a scheduled five round championship bout against champion Charles Oliveira during UFC 269 in Las Vegas.

The win is Oliveira's first successful title defense. The loss is Poirier's first since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in a similar fashion in September 2019.

Poirier started off quickly, landing a solid right hand to Oliveira's chin and knocking him down. Oliveira got to his feet quickly and exchanged punches with Poirier. After a brief lull, Oliveira attempted to take down Poirier, but he could not get a good grip on Poirier's legs, allowing Poirier to roll out of the hold. Seconds later, Poirier stunned Oliveira with a flurry of punches. Oliveira came back with an uppercut and a kick of his own before Poirier knocked him down with a counterpunch. Poirier couldn't capitalize, as Oliveira fended off Poirier's attempt at a submission hold. The final minute of the first round featured another exchange of punches between the two fighters. Poirier landed a right hand and a left hook to rock Oliveira, while Oliveira caused Poirier's nose to bleed after landing a right hand.

Oliveira was more aggressive to begin the second round, throwing a knee and pinning Poirier against the cage. Oliveira attempted a takedown, but Poirier reversed it. Oliveira held on for dear life and nearly trapped Poirier in an armbar. Poirier rolled over and attempted a triangle guard. Oliveira took advantage of the situation by landing several big elbows to Poirier's chin. That forced Poirier to release the triangle, but Oliveira continued to control the situation. Oliveira's ground-and-pound continued for the rest of the round, throwing elbows while Poirier covered up in an attempt to live to fight another round.

Round three began with Oliveira jumping on Poirier's back in an attempt to land a rear naked choke. Oliveira successfully applied the hold to Poirier and rode his back for nearly a full minute before Poirier tapped out to give Oliveira the submission victory.

Poirier falls to 28-7 with one no contest. Oliveira advances his record to 32-8 with one no contest.

Twitter critics questioned Poirier's strategy in the second and third rounds.

Still, Poirier's fans continue to support their man despite the loss.

Ever the sportsman, Poirier will make a $20,000 donation to a charity of Oliveira's choice.

No word on when Poirier will fight next.

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