Louisiana football fans had gotten used to seeing LSU running back Leonard Fournette running over and then away from people. That was college. This is the NFL. Still, Leonard managed to prove a point in his regular season debut on Sunday.

That point was more about persistence than speed. More about durability than pure ability. It was about having good hands and not just strong legs. In short Leonard Fournette demonstrated that he will be making a name for himself at the next level.

Fournette carried the ball for the Jacksonville Jaguars 26 times on Sunday. He rushed for an even 100 yards.  He's the first Jacksonville player to accomplish that feat in his first pro game. He also scored a touchdown. That's not a bad days work.  Fournette also caught all three passes that were thrown his direction for a total of 24 receiving yards.

The Jaguars defeated the Houston Texans at NRG Field by a score of 29-7.


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