Travelers flying into Lafayette Regional Airport Monday night got a different view of the facility. Actually, they didn't get to see a whole lot because the lights were out in the upper concourse of the facility.

There were no official spokespeople on hand to explain why passengers were deplaning the 9:47 PM Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in darkness.  Only the beeping of the emergency power supplies and some minimal lighting from the downstairs concourse greeted the new arrivals.

Evidently, there was an issue with at least one transformer, probably more, that provides electrical service to the airport. This is only speculation since there were no officials on hand to provide information. The runway and navigation lights that aircraft need for taking off and landing appear to have been functioning normally.

As of this morning, a check of the Lafayette Regional Airport website shows there is no disruption in service. Still, you might want to bring your flashlight for the early check in just in case they didn't get the problem fixed in the overnight hours.

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