We’ve all had those late-night “run for the border” cravings for a taco. But would you still be hungry if your taco was made out of . . . lion?

Taco Fusion, an upscale eatery in Tampa, FL, recently made that quandary a reality when they added lion-meat tacos to the menu. The restaurant, which has been open since February, also offers a variety of other tacos made with exotic animals, including alligator, bison, camel, gazelle, shark, ostrich and kangaroo. They plan to add bear, iguana and zebra to the menu in the coming months.

Importing or selling lion meat is not against the law. Lions are a vulnerable species but they are not technically endangered, meaning the sale of farm-raised lion meat is allowed under certain conditions. However, that’s not to say the new menu item wasn’t met with controversy. Taco Fusion manager Brad Barnett says they received threats from animal rights supporters but continued to sell the exotic meat until it was gone. The lion tacos, which sold for $35 each, are currently unavailable as the restaurant has run out of lion meat and, at present, has no plans to restock the delicacy, which sells for $220 per pound. (In case you’re curious, one customer described it as “a bit tougher than steak,” with a “powerful red-meat flavor and a strong gamey finish.”

But if the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos just aren’t giving you the lunchtime rush you need, stay tuned — in response to the controversy, Taco Fusion has promised, “If you guys are mad now, just wait till you see what we do next.”

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