Lafayette is better than this.

Residents in the Willow Park Apartments in Lafayette want the coulee behind the complex to be cleaned and I don't blame them.

KATC-TV 3 reported that the amount of litter in the drainage ditch is causing problems for those in this apartment complex.

Not only is an issue with drainage, residents say the litter is attracting rodents into the area.

After seeing this story I asked myself, aren't we better than this in Lafayette? And while I want to believe that we are---I just don't know.

For the sake of this city and the residents at this complex, let's hope that this is cleaned up soon. You know, we are quick to be critical of the drainage issue in this city, but deep down, maybe WE are the problem.

If you need litter to be cleaned up in the parish call LCG’s Environmental Quality Department at (337) 291- 8529.

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