You've probably driven through some of these and didn't know it.

'Urbex' or 'uran exploration' has become a popular hobby for some over the last few years. YouTube has countless videos of abandoned buildings and the remains of forgotten towns throughout the world. Here are just five ghost towns not far from anywhere in Acadiana.

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    Foreman Flats

    Foreman Flats was a community where present - day Judice and Ridge are today. Click here to read about what became of Foreman Flats.

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    All that's left of the once - thriving timber community of Alberta is a commemorative sign in present - day Roy to southeast of Shreveport. The relocation of the town's sawmill and a tornado and fire led to the end of Alberta. Read more about Alberta here.

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    Fort Macomb

    The ruins of Fort Macomb, once a Confederate stronghold during the Civil War, can be west of Chef Menteur Pass in New Orleans. The fort's condition doesn't allow visitors but was used as a filming location for True Detective and Into The Badlands. More on Fort Macomb can be found here.

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    One of the most controversial ghost towns in the United States, Morrisonville in Iberville Parish was founded by former slaves in the 1870s. Dow Chemical opened a polyvinyl chloride plant in the town that led to groundwater contamination. Dow purchased the city and relocated its citizens in the early 1990s. All that remains is the town's cemetery and a covered prayer site for families. Read more about Morrisonville here.

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    Robert's Cove

    The town of Robert's Cove was a haven for German Catholics named for Benjamin Roberts, who originally owned the land grant. Father Thevis chose the land that would eventually be settled by persecuted German refugees. Anti - German sentiment and legislation after World War I didn't prevent the German community from celebrating their culture even after Robert's Cove ceased to be a town. The community still celebrates its rich heritage today with the annual Robert's Cove Germanfest on the St. Leo IV church grounds.

    Read more here about 'The Cove' as it's called by locals and Germanfest.