One of my favorite sporting events every year is the Little League World Series. To see kids of that age play with such skill and such passion is a gentle reminder to me that the essence of sport is still good. There are some aspects of it that haven't been totally jaded by money.

Before you remind me, I know Little League is a big business. There are corporate sponsors and parents spend way too much money on equipment so their kids can play and compete at a high level. Still, the innocence of seeing genuine tears at a loss or genuine tears with a win means something. At least to me, it does.

Right now we are at the point in the season where teams are fighting through the regional rounds in hopes of making it to Williamsport for Little League World Series. Every year these incredible kids provide some of the most amazing highlights and if you didn't see this one get ready to say WOW!

That's Evan Blake of the team from Massachusetts in a regional game against Rhode Island. I'd say Evan got "all of that ball". That's a home run to dead center that cleared not only the fence, it went over the scoreboard.

Let's face it, you know the ball is out of the park when the centerfielder doesn't even bother to move. That kid knew that ball was no longer going to be in play. Sometimes, even when it's your opponent, you just got to sit back and admire an incredible performance.

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