A reporter for CBS News, who is from Lafayette, is being praised by locals in Puerto Rico for his reporting after Hurricane Maria demolished the island.

Puerto Rico was recently hit by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Now, the island is trying to recover and still most are without electricity, food, and water.

David Begnaud, who started his broadcasting career at KLFY TV-10 in Lafayette, has been on the island of Puerto Rico for days now has been delivering news that there has been no assistance for those on the island.

In one report David pointed out that supplies have reached the island, but there is no one there to deliver the supplies to citizens.

In essence, David has been the voice of those trapped on the island and now locals are thanking him for being the one to deliver their message(s).

In my opinion, this is what journalism is all about and I am so proud of my friend, David Begnaud. He's made Lafayette proud!

To see many of David's reports from Puerto Rico, visit his Facebook Page HERE.

Keep up the GREAT work, David!!


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