The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office is hoping to save lives and property by educating the public about securing their vehicles.

This past Friday night, two children who were locked in a car in Parker County, Texas died from heat exhaustion. Investigators say they don't know all of the facts of the case, but the two children were a 16-month-old little boy along with a 2-year-old girl.

St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office Department Spokeswoman Major Ginny Higgins says they are hoping their "Look Before You Lock" program will remind people why they need to check their cars before they get out of them, and to always make sure they have locked their vehicle's doors in order to prevent a tragedy.

Higgins says the best way to protect your children from heat related death in a car is to always check and then double check to make sure your children are not in your vehicle.

She says do whatever you need to do to give yourself a reminder to check your car.

A few suggestions that we have heard over the years:

Put your phone in the back seat next to your children
Put one of your shoes in the back seat next to your children
Place your purse or briefcase in the back seat next to your children

Do anything to make sure that you do double check your car, and don't leave your car unlocked. If you leave your vehicle unlocked, your young children maybe able to get in the car, but not figure out how to get out of the car.

The other side of that, is when you leave car unlocked, anything in your car can be easily stolen.

Higgins says never leave anything of value in your car and certainly not where it can be seen.

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