Acadiana is an amazing place and stories like this are the perfect example of community.

The town of Loreauville came together to help a family in need after they noticed a young boy struggling to get his wheelchair-bound brother to and from the bus stop.

According to KLAF, Mayor Brad Clifton saw the struggle first hand, saying he nearly "fell off his lawn mower" when he saw Bryan Bruno pushing his younger brother Keandre.

He came and grab his brother off the bus in a wheelchair and had pull him across not just the ditch but also the railroad and I just about fell off my lawn mower

The community sprang into action, coming together to build a bridge for the Bruno family. Cox Communications paid for it and Loreauville High School shop students lended a helping hand.

It's tremendous that people come out and give you a hand whenever you come out and ask for it. It's what is special about living in Loreauville. For him to step up and help his mom and his brother is real true dedication doing this is nothing compared to what he has to do and so just to be to help a little bit makes us happy.

Brother Bryan says the Bruno family couldn't be more grateful for the act of kindness.

The only thing I could actually say is thank you to everybody.

In addition to the bridge being installed free of charge by the students, the Bruno family will be getting wheelchair access to their porch as well.

Hats off to the entire Loreauville community for such a heartwarming gesture.

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