When I first read that Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves wanted to put "Cajuns" on a list that is more widely known for spotted owls and snail darters I thought it was irony at its finest. After all, it is the Cajun way to live off the land and trust me if spotted owl and snail darter made a nice sauce piquant there aren't too many Cajuns that could contain themselves.

Then I read the Congressman's reasoning for wanting to have so many of us classified with this unique distinction. The fact is this, mismanagement in the federal government, in particular, is destroying the Cajun way of life.

Congressman Graves points out that because of the way the Corps of Engineers and others have disrupted and destroyed habitats through changes made in the Mississippi River ecosystem the Cajun way is in great peril.

Graves believes the Endangered Species Act of 1973 could go a long way in protecting our way of life in South Louisiana.

Our habitat is disappearing. And I don't understand why animals get better treatment than our actual people.  So our amendment just simply designates Cajuns as endangered species so we can be afforded those same protections.

Those comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network and I agree with Mr. Graves assessment.

If we don't start standing up for Louisiana, its wetlands, its coastline, and the heritage of one of the greatest cultures in civilization it could be all washed away. I don't know how this request to classify a culture under an act that is meant to protect animals will fly on the Washington scene. I just hope Congressman Graves unique approach to drawing attention to the plight of the Cajun will at least slow down the destruction.

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