Over 1 billion dollars in federal money will soon be in the state's control. The money is being placed in our state's hands to help those who were affected by flooding in the state in 2016. The group responsible for dispensing that money is scheduled to meet today in Baton Rouge.

Restore Louisiana Task Force will finalize the plan for how to dispense $438 million in federal money that was given to the state almost immediately after flooding occurred in August of 2016.

Pat Forbes, executive director of the State Office of Community Development, told the Louisiana Radio Network how that money will be allocated for those that are in the direst situation.

They are the least likely to have the resources they need to get back on their feet by themselves.

Forbes suggested that when the additional resources granted by the federal government are finally allocated more people can be helped.

Now with the $1.2 billion added we will be talking about a plan that provides funds for everybody who had major damage, and who doesn't have flood insurance.

For those who might question the amount of time it has taken Uncle Sam to react to the flooding in the state, you have good reason to be asking. It's been almost 150 days since the flooding in August begin. The bulk of that federal money is still in the process of being processed. Forbes speculates that by March all the documents should be in place and the flow of the larger amount of federal money will begin.


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