A Florida mother heard her baby scream when she wiped her backside. Upon closer investigation, she was horrified when she realized what was causing the pain.

Taylor McCallum described her experience on Facebook, warning fellow moms and dads about Parent's Choice wipes.

Parents of little ones, beware of Parent's Choice wipes. When I was changing Zuri's diaper today she screamed as I was wiping her behind. After closer examination of the area and the wipe used to to clean her up I noticed a metal shard embedded in the wipe. We usually use Pamper's sensitive wipes but we're given the Parent's Choice when we had Eliza. If you use Parent's Choice and the risk of sharp foreign objects in your children's wipes is worth the few bucks you save on them compared to other brands, then please double check before using. We will be throwing that brand of products away.

This isn't the first time baby wipes have made headlines after parents claimed to find foreign items in the packaging.

There have been reports of parents finding what they thought to be shards of glass in their baby wipes, and companies like Huggies have even addressed this issue in the FAQ section of their website.

Is there glass in your Huggies wipes?
No, we do not use glass in the manufacture of our wipes. Generally speaking, we make our product by combining a blend of fibers. Rarely, but on occasion, when those fibers combine together while being formed, they create a shiny particle, similar to what was found by this consumer.

But what McCallum found is clearly not glass, and even if it was what Huggies is describing it doesn't make it any less alarming for parents who are worried about injuring their children.

Have you or anyone you know had a similar experience with baby wipes? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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