The personal finance website WalletHub has released its report on the Best and Worst States for Teachers and Louisiana ranks as the 4th worst place to teach after analyzing 22 key metrics, including income growth potential and teacher safety. Louisiana Federation of Teachers spokesperson Les Landon says many of the concerning metrics area echoed by educators.

"What they are saying tends to tract with a lot of what we are hearing from teachers, especially teachers very concerned about salaries," said Landon.
Governor John Bel Edwards has already proposed a $1,000 salary increase for teachers. Louisiana teachers currently earn about $1,700 less than the Southern Regional Average.
Landon says teachers are also not happy with how they are evaluated. He says it should be addressed in the next legislative session.
"Overall, what Wallethub did in collecting these 22 different surveys is present a picture that most teachers would recognize," said Landon.
Hawaii was ranked as the worst state for teachers, while New York is number one.

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