In Louisiana it seems there's too much month at the end of the money, at least according to Google. When it comes to money questions, what does Baton Rouge Google most? What does Lafayette Google most? Here's what we found out... collected and analyzed "results for popular money-related search terms, from getting a credit card to managing retirement accounts."

What they found was that the most Googled money-related search term in Louisiana is "Payday Loan". Not only is it Louisiana's most Googled money-related search term, but we search it more than any other state in the country.

They also compiled money-releated search terms from different Louisiana cities.

Baton Rouge: “payday loan,” “net worth”
Lafayette: “checking account,” “mortgage rates”
Monroe: “checking account,” “payday loan”
Shreveport: “payday loan,” “personal loan”

"Lots of Louisiana residents might be in need of fast cash; it’s the state where 'payday loan' is searched for the most. Residents are looking into other essential financial products as well, as they’re also searching for 'auto insurance' and 'checking account.'"


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