Last Summer shoppers in Lafayette were just learning what life without a Sears store in town was going to be like. Now, shoppers in Alexandria and Lake Charles will know the bittersweet feelings of liquidation sale prices followed the closing of iconic stores in their towns.

In Alexandria, it will be the Sears store in the Alexandria Mall. In Lake Charles, it will be the Kmart store on Ryan street that will be shutting down. The two store closings were announced yesterday by Sears Holding Corporation. This brings an additional 63 retail outlets shuttered by the group to the over 400 that were closed last year.

No specific timetable on actual closing dates have been announced for either store but according to reports the Lake Charles Kmart should begin inventory liquidation sales within the next two weeks and will likely close by early September.  Here is the complete list of stores and locations that will be closing as announced by Sears Holding Corp.

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