A Louisiana middle school is being blasted for what is being called "Inappropriate" and "gross" spirit week themes.

The middle school in Iowa, La had spirit week themes such as "Stoplight Day" and "Boys vs Girls Gender War"

"Stoplight Day" is described by foxnews.com as a day where "kids were encouraged to wear stoplight-inspired colors to signify their relationship status. Green if you are single. Red if you're taken. Wear Yellow if it is complicated."

Sure, middle school kids are going to have boyfriends, girlfriends and crushes. However, it just seems a little strange for the school to being playing Cupid.

"Boys vs Girls Gender War" is exactly what it sounds like. Girls were encouraged to wear pink, boys were encouraged to wear blue. Clearly in 2018, having a "Gender War" is not something most people view as a positive activity.

One parent, M.J. Mouton was not happy, and took to Twitter to express his frustration.


Mouton told told KPLC. “Kids should be kids. Sure, some middle school kids are going to have boyfriends and girlfriends and crushes, but I don’t think we need the school to play matchmaker for a 10- to 14-year-old”

What do you think? Are these themes for spirit week inappropriate?

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