We might not be in that number one spot, but being ranked the 2nd worst is definitely not something to brag about.

According to CNBC's list of America's 10 Worst States to Live in 2017, Louisiana is only points away from dethroning Alabama as 2017's worst state to live in.

How can that be possible? What information are they going on to come to this conclusion? I mean, I personally think Louisiana is a great state to live in and I'm sure if you asked anyone who lived here they would agree. So, what exactly did CNBC look at when making the decision to rank us so low?

Heavenly beignets, deep-fried with a generous topping of powdered sugar. An oyster po' boy dressed with lots of mayo. Crawfish étouffée with buttery sauce, and rich bananas Foster for dessert. Okay, those are some of the good things about Louisiana's quality of life. But they also explain why this is America's fattest state. It is also among the most dangerous, with the nation's highest murder rate. New Orleans alone logged 175 murders last year, the most deadly since 2012.


I am so tired of Louisiana showing up at the bottom of every good list and the top of every bad list. Enough is enough. I'm proud of where I live. I'm proud of the culture, the history, the people, the natural beauty. I'm proud of it all.

No state is perfect. No matter where you live there will be good and bad and I, for one, think the good in Louisiana outweighs the bad.

So, take your list and shove it, CNBC. Your rankings don't change the love I have for Louisiana. Your rankings don't make me want to move or question my decision to live here. Your rankings mean nothing.

I will, semi-reluctantly, say thanks for the shout out about how good our food is, though. I would probably have to discredit CNBC as a news source completely if they said they didn't love Louisiana food, but that still doesn't make up for the fact that they pretty much took a poo on everything else about our beautiful state.

Check out CNBC's full list of America's 10 Worst States to Live in 2017, as well as a more detailed look at Louisiana's quality of life score, weaknesses and strengths that played a part in the states ranking.

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