A legislative task force is looking into rewriting Louisiana's Riverboat Casino laws. After twenty years it's about time somebody figured out that putting these revenue generating, tourism pumping, tax-paying entities on solid ground was a good idea.

What was the reason we made the casinos go on boats? Oh yeah, we had pockets we needed to line and this seemed like a great way to do that. Okay, that's just my opinion that is probably closer to the truth than anyone not in prison is willing to corroborate.

Senator Ronnie Johns of Lake Charles is expected to sponsor the legislation that would be the first step in possibly bringing the gambling boats onshore and limiting their gaming space in the process.

Let's face it, our state could use the $400 million plus riverboat casinos bring to the state's coffers. Our citizens could also use the 20,000 plus jobs and $340 million in payroll generated too.

By allowing these businesses that are already operating in several locations across the state to get off the boat and on land should be an even bigger boon to the industry and the taxes that industry brings to our state. It might also make these industries less vulnerable than water-based casinos would be in the event of a hurricane.

The last time our state made any changes in the riverboat laws was 2001. That was the law that said the boats no longer needed to leave the dock. Since that boats no longer need to sail, why do they even need to be on the water?

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