What a sad story.

A 4-year-old reportedly drowned in a bathtub Monday night, and now the authorities are investigating the fatality.

The West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office, which is leading this investigation, believes the drowning was accidental but will continue to investigate the death of the toddler.

EMS attempted to revive the child but were not able to, thus the 4-year-old died at a local hospital.

Again, foul play is not suspected in this case, but we do remind you to always keep an eye on your child if they are in the bathtub or pool.

It does not take much water for a kid to drown and sadly this type of accident can happen very quickly.

The drowning happened in the community of Angola, which is in  West Feliciana Parish.

Our thoughts are with the family of this child during this very difficult time.


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