A Louisiana veterinarian was arrested after being accused of shooting and killing her neighbor's dog.

According to multiple reports, Dr. Kelly Folse was arrested on animal cruelty and drug charges after allegedly shooting and killing her neighbor's 15-month-old bulldog. According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto the dog, named Bruizer, was shot on December 13 in the 8900 block of Camille Court.

The dog succumbed to his injuries the next day.

The neighbor (Bruizer's owner) told police that Folse had issues with the dog's barking in the backyard and while investigators confirmed the dog's nonstop barking through neighbors and witnesses, the dog had no history of aggression.

The neighbor also accused Folse of sending text messages and videos to the neighbor over the past few months related to the dog's barking. Investigators were able to determine that Folse did indeed shoot the dog and arrested her at her home on Tuesday (Dec 19) for aggravated cruelty to animals and unrelated drug charges.

Ironically, Folse was an employee at Abadie Veterinary Hospital where Bruizer was taken after being shot. Sheriff Loptino says Folse has since been fired from the Abadie Veterinary Hospital and is shocked by this "crazy" incident.

This is why we’re having a press conference today. A veterinarian, shooting the dog of a next door neighbor. I wouldn’t expect it of you, me, of anybody else, but for a vet, give me a break people.

Folse has received tons of backlash on social media, but family members are coming to her defense saying these allegations are "outrageous."

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