Do you actually wrap your Christmas gifts?

I ask because I notice more and more gift bags, boxes and now sacks (yes, like Santa's sack) appearing underneath Christmas trees with every passing holiday.

I would love to talk about the obvious perks of the alternatives to gift wrapping, but it really only comes down to two things: It's easier and we're lazier. I can remember my mom meticulously picking out a different style of wrapping paper each year and carefully wrapping each gift with the type of TLC that makes you long for Christmas past.

I can also remember that her personal pick for wrapping paper would help differentiate our gifts from all the other personal wrapping paper picks from the other members that would attend our family Christmas celebration.

Fast forward to 2017 and now the gift-wrapped presents you see at the family Christmas celebration are somewhat of the exception and not the rule. Gift bags, decorative boxes and other alternatives have become just as popular.

Last year, 50% of Americans shopped online for holiday gifts and many chose to use the online vendor's gift wrapping option. For anyone who has used Amazon's option, you may have noticed their gifts come in literal "sacks"—all tied up with bows and ready to put underneath the tree.

Janel Kaden, a professional gift wrapper, is featured in the video above that discusses the history of gift wrapping and how you can add that personal touch this holiday season.

Personally, I don't wrap gifts because I simply suck at it. I will literally use an entire roll of wrapping paper for a gift the size of a shoe box, so for the sake of the trees on our beautiful planet, I leave the gift wrapping to the professionals.

Do you still wrap your gifts? If not, tell me why you prefer the alternative options.

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