A couple years ago, Disney posted a recipe for gumbo that had Cajun and Creole cooks fuming over its ridiculous ingredients. That video is posted below. But now, Southern Living apparently wants to get in on the action. A video that has resurfaced on Facebook shows the "how to" steps for making gumbo dip. To me, it just looks like vegetables, shrimp, seasoning and cream cheese all mixed together:


Hey Southern Living, if you want to suggest a gumbo dip, I encourage you to just make a regular gumbo. Who hasn't dipped french bread or crackers into their steaming bowl of chicken and sausage goodness? One could even argue that if a single drop of gumbo comes out of the bowl on a heaping spoonful of potatoes salad, it could still be considered a "dip".

At the end of the day, this is nothing more than an embarrassment to the home cooks that aren't looking to make a recipe that is "in style" or "chic". The most important gumbo ingredients in my mind are love and history. They may come in the form of meat and vegetables all blended together in a pot, but they represent so much.

Here is the Disney Gumbo recipe and "LSU DAD" response to it.

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