Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Director James Waskom says they plan to work towards having the state officially partner with the Cajun Navy for future disasters. He told the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday that they are working on legislation that would establish some type of credibility for the citizen groups.

"We'll discuss what it is they want to see," said Waskom. "I know one of the faction leaders does background checks, and that's one of the things we'd be interested in."
Waskom says it would be beneficial for GOHSEP to know who these people are, and where they are being dispatched to rescue people during an emergency.
"So that, if we can, we can provide commodities to them, and provide any relief from damages that they might incur," said Waskom.
The Cajun Navy groups comprise of private boat owners who assist in search and rescue efforts and are credited with saving thousands of citizens during the 2016 Louisiana floods and Hurricane Harvey.
Waskom says they realize that these volunteers are not going away, so the state might as well team up with them.
"Let's face it. As a government, we can never be as fast as you, as neighbors, as family and friends," said Waskom. "So rather than just have them out there, we want to partner with them and have them assist us."


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