Is altering LSU classes the key to solving traffic woes in BR?

According to The Advocate, one of the suggestions to ease traffic amongst lawmakers would be prohibiting LSU classes from starting until 10 a.m.—and apparently, the idea was well received, because it won approval.

The measure, Senate Concurrent Resolution 12, cleared the House panel without objection and next faces action in the full House. It breezed through the state Senate 35-0 on April 4.

Of course, this approval would be to set up a study that would include officials from LSU as well as authorities from the Workforce Commission and state DOTD. Traffic in Baton Rouge is notoriously a nightmare depending on the time of day (which is quite often) and the panel would be tasked with coming up with "creative and alternative options" to remedy the frustrating backups.

The logic behind banning classes from starting before 10 a.m. is that it would

reduce the number of cars and trucks headed to campus during the morning rush hour.

Of course this would have a tremendous effect on students, classes and overall schedules at the university.

LSU has about 960 "sections" of classes that start before 10 a.m. each semester, according to Ernie Ballard, director of media relations. A class that meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday counts as one section. So does one that meets on Tuesday and Thursday.

House representatives say they have no clue how many students, faculty, and staff actually live near campus, but that would be the purpose of the study group. Other plans include limiting "big trucks" to the right lane on Baton Rouge interstates during peak times, staggering work hours for major city employers, and urging employers to allow employees to telecommute to reduce the number of motorists.

If the study group finds that banning classes from starting before 10 a.m. at LSU would improve traffic conditions, should they go through with it?

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