There has been much debate surrounding 'Neck' when it comes to LSU.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google "neck LSU" and find out for yourself (but don't do it at work or around your grandparents).

Instead of the original "Talkin' Out The Side Of Your Neck" hook—made famous by Cameo in 1984 and again when it was remixed by Dem Franchize Boyz in 2008—fans have substituted the words with another phrase that is very NSFW, to say the least.

The vulgar 'STTDB' chant caused the LSU band to stop playing 'Neck' some years ago, but it has made its return a few times since then, and recently, students didn't even need the song to howl out those famous vulgar words that send Death Valley into a frenzy.

Just this week a local journalist put out an opinion piece on why the chant should go away, and naturally, it was met with plenty of Purple & Gold resistance while others did agree with the point he was trying to make.

But what happens when that chant makes its way into the high school arena? (WARNING: Vulgar video here)

That's what happened at a Baton Rouge High school as Parkview Baptist faced off against St. Michael in a rival volleyball game. The crowd wasn't nearly as loud as what we hear bleeding across broadcasts, but there was definitely a "muffled chant" as some audience members gasped and laughed while looking around the gymnasium.

Is 'Neck' a real "problem" in Baton Rouge, or will it always be an issue that divides fans and residents alike?

Let me know what you think, while I replay this Cameo video.

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