LSU has a lot of former players on NFL rosters this year.

40 former Tiger players made opening day NFL rosters, which ranks second, only to Alabama, who tops the list with 44.

That's according to NFL Communications, who did the research.

It's actually a drop for LSU, who had the most players on NFL rosters from 2014-2017.

Following Alabama and LSU, Florida is next on the list, with 37 players.

Miami and Ohio St. round out the top five, both with 36 players.

Rounding out the top 20 are Florida St. (33), USC (32), Clemson (29), Auburn and Georgia (28), Stanford/Tennessee/UCLA (27), Iowa/Michigan/Notre Dame (26), Penn St. (25), Texas (24), Oklahoma and Texas A&M (23).

As far as the most NFL players produced by state, Florida (211) leads the way, followed by California (185), Texas (175), Georgia (123), Ohio (76), Alabama (60) and Louisiana/Pennsylvania (59).

Louisiana ranks second to Washington, D.C., in terms of producing the most players per capita.

Louisiana has one NFL player per 76,837 people, which ranks behind Washington, D.C., which has one player per 54,702 people

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