One day after the Food and Drug Administration gave its full approval to the Pfizer vaccine, Louisiana State University will require fans of its football team to get the shot if they want to see the team live and in person.

LSU officials announced Tuesday that anyone with tickets to the university's football games will need to have proof of vaccination to enter Tiger Stadium. Ticketholders who are not vaccinated may provide proof of a negative PCR tests within 72 hours to enter the stadium. Failure to do either will result in ticketholders being turned away at the gate.

LSU fans who are traveling to California for the September 4 season opener against UCLA will get a taste of this policy. The Rose Bowl Stadium is requiring ticketholders for that game to provide proof of vaccination to enter the stadium to view the game.

This announcement came about an hour before LSU President William Tate announced a vaccine mandate for all students.

The University of Louisiana System announced its own vaccination mandate on Monday, hours after the FDA issued its ruling.

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