The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office has arrested 53-year-old Jason Miller of Covington after he allegedly impersonated a police officer in order to rape a teenage girl, according to Louisiana Radio Network.

The incident happened on Sunday. The victim says she was walking in the Gardere area when a man approached her, flashed a badge saying he was with law enforcement and began questioning her. Sheriff's Office spokesperson Casey Hicks says the suspect then allegedly handcuffed her, put her in his truck, and drove her to a nearby park and raped her.

Miller was the man Hicks says the victim identified as her attacker.

"They presented a photo lineup to the victim, and she identified this man as being the one that raped her," said Hicks to LRN. "When detectives took him into custody, he actually confessed to them.”

How did authorities catch the suspect so quickly? Hicks credits good detective work as well as having a description of the suspect's vehicle and surveillance footage that helped them find the plates on the car that led to his identity.

But, one big question remains - has Miller done this before?

Miller faces charges of first-degree rape, false imprisonment, and false impersonation of a police officer.

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