When you head down to Cypremort Point to do a little light fishing off of piers and docks, you're probably not expecting to reel in a shark, right?

In this video posted to the Cypremort Point State Park Facebook page, you see a man enjoying some nice sunny, breezy weather down at "The Point". Along with having some fun in the sun, he's getting a little bit of fishing in as well.

My family and I have spent countless hours at Cypremort Point, many times just going for a day trip and grabbing one of the covered picnic tables for a home base as the kids swim and fish.

To date, I've only caught a few sheepshead and flounder but, after seeing what this guy reels in, I'm very much OK with that.

Cypremort Point State Park Via Facebook

As you'll see in the video, he gets a bite roughly 20 yards away from the pier and begins reeling in his catch.

I'm not sure if at first, he knew what he had on the hook, but none the less he reels it in like a pro right up to the rocks.

It's at that point it becomes clear that he has caught a young shark.

I love how calm and collected he is as he pulls the shark up onto the pier. Clearly, no one is in danger, but I can promise you if that were me pulling a shark out of the water, I would be screaming my head off screaming in unidentifiable tounges.

To this guy, catching this shark is no big deal. I don't think I hear him ever say a word.

Cypremort Point State Park Via Facebook


Obviously, this little shark has a mama...a mama shark way bigger and possibly way too close for comfort.

Sharks are certainly no stranger to the Cypremort Point area. I mean, you've got Shark Bayou and Shark Island right there.



I like how "grown" this little shark looks. He's like a real grown boy just littlerer...

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