As KATC was live in Iberia Parish covering Tropical Storm Barry, they interviewed a man who was out helping friends during the storm. In less than 30 seconds he proved why Cajuns are the best people on Earth.

Gaston Mestayer stopped for a quick interview with KATC while he was on the road. When asked if it was scary driving through the flood water he had just gone through, he quickly responded "Nah, it's a Nissan. It'll make it". Mr. Mestayer, I hope I have your name and spelling right. If not please just let me know and I'll fix it.

I'm going to try and make sure the people at Nissan know about his awesome unsolicited endorsement.

However, having a sense of humor through tough times is only a small part of why he's so great.

Seconds later you see him offer the out of town reporter and her crew a dry place to go and make themselves "at home" if they needed somewhere to get out of the storm.

He didn't know her or the crew. He literally had just met them 15 seconds before he opened his home to them if they needed it.

That's what we do. We help. It doesn't matter if we know you. If you need help, you don't need to ask because we're going to offer.

Mr. Mestayer, I just want to say "thank you" for being you, and for being one of the reasons why Acadiana the most special place in the world.



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