Kevin Foote was only seven years old when, on a Friday, his aunt and uncle were waiting for him in the front office of his school to take him home because his father had been brutally slain that very morning.

Now Kevin, Sports editor for the Lafayette Daily Advertiser, and the News Director Kristen Ackelson have worked for a year and a half to compile information on the who, what, where, when, why and how of the awful circumstances that resulted in his father being shot twice in the head.

The body of Russell Foote, the 28-year-old Director of the American Red Cross in Lafayette, was found slumped over the front seat of the family station wagon in the middle of the two lane West Congress. (At the time it was Route 1)

Foote had been making his way to his office when someone shot and killed him that morning sometime between 8:00 and 8:30 that morning according to officials.

They surmise that Foote would likely have only pulled over for, and lowered his window slightly for someone who knew.

Kevin says the murder haunted his mother along with he and his siblings for decades. She often wondered out loud to her boys and other family why the process to continue the case really fell by the wayside.

Last year, Ackelson and Foote started asking questions. The several part series by visiting the Daily Advertiser's website, and you can get Kevin's account of some of the information they were able to compile while interviewing people and asking questions. Our interview from this morning is below.

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