These days, we're all trying to stretch a dollar as far as we can. Common sense tells us that the bigger the city, the less our money will be worth. $10 will go way farther in Morse than it will in Manhattan. How much farther does a dollar go in Louisiana compared to the rest of the country? Here's what we've found out...

The folks over at have done the research, and put it all together in an easy to understand map.

"The following map shows the buying power of $100 by state.

If the number is below, such as $90, it means money buys less than the federal average. If a state’s number is higher, such as $110, that means each dollar goes further, giving residents more purchasing power."

As you'll see in the map below, Louisiana comes in at number 14 nationally when it comes to the buying power of a dollar. Not too too bad right?

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