Real estate in Texas has to big and bold doesn't it? There's just something about the Lone Star State that just screams it must just be eye-catching. So let's discuss one place we all love visiting: restaurants!

Restaurants in Texas are also supposed to get your eye of course, mainly so you'll try their food. But you must appreciate the décor they bring to the table right? Take for example this beautiful McDonald's in Dallas:

Just look at this MAJESTIC McDonald's. Can you believe this building exists? Let's keep looking at the design:

So beautiful. But here's the thing...this McDonald's doesn't exist anymore. As for why, the reason kind of stinks.

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The Dallas McDonald's Remodel That Makes Us Sad

According to the Twitter account previously mentioned, this was posted back in September of 2022:

So the question was posed why the change was brought about. According to the Dallas Morning News, a spokesperson for the company, Christopher Stanley stated the following:

“When completed, it will have a more modern look, like most of our restaurants now.”

But this raises a better question in our minds:

Why Change It?!?

This McDonald's is located near the Dallas Zoo. I understand the need for things to evolve, but with a prime location such as that, the animals really were a nice touch! Hopefully another eatery around the area takes up animal theme.

Do you miss the Zoo-themed McDonald's? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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