Was Michael Jackson murdered? His sister, La Toya, thinks he was.

In an interview with PopEater, she states the legendary singer was killed by people who wanted control over his expansive music publishing catalog. “They know that. They know who they are. They’re controlling his estate now,” she said.

She wouldn’t name names, but PopEater pointed out the people who now control Michael’s estate are executors John Branca and John McClain.

Calling Dr. Conrad Murray — who’s been charged with involuntary manslaughter in Michael’s death — a “fall guy,” she added, “It was a conspiracy and [the people behind his death] know that.”

When asked about the series of concerts Michael was rehearsing for when he died, she said, “They knew he wasn’t capable of them, they knew he wasn’t healthy enough. He had a kidney problem, he was extremely thin, he was always freezing. They knew what they were doing. This isn’t what I’m thinking, these are facts.”

La Toya Jackson’s new memoir, ‘Starting Over,’ in which she talks about about her life and her famous family, came out late last month.

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