"I owe the people of the state an apology."

That is how Moon Griffon opened his show on Monday morning following the news that Rouses co-owner Donald Rouse apologized for using "poor judgment" in attending former President Trump's rally the day of the riot at the Capitol.

"Especially the people that drove to Rouses Meat Market. I want to apologize to you," continued Griffon. "I was trying to help Rouses. I told my wife 'Don't go back.'"

Over the days since the Capitol Riot, Griffon has stuck up for Rouses as some people across the state called for a boycott of the New Orleans-based grocery chain, such as Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus Baton Rouge Rep. Ted James in an article on Louisiana Radio Network. The Advocate reported former LSU basketball player and current Board of Supervisors member Collis Temple Jr. even called for LSU's relationship with Rouses to be re-explored, even though Rouse condemned the unlawful actions of the rioters.

On his show, Moon encouraged listeners daily to shop at Rouses to show support for  them and their workers. And, Moon's listeners began doing so, sending pictures of themselves at Rouses and/or calling in to his show to say that they were supporting them.

But, when Moon heard about Rouse's apology on Friday, he expressed his frustration and called Rouse's apology "gutless."

"I'm sorry I asked people to go to that store," said Griffon before asking his audience, "Are we going to allow the Left to put us in a corner all in the name of a dollar bill?"

LISTEN as Griffon further explained his frustration with Rouse's apology, as well as his interview with Gifford Briggs - Gulf Coast Region Director at API - American Petroleum Institute - about the state of Oil & Gas Under the Biden Administration.





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