On the "Moon Griffon Show," a man named Barry, who says he was with the original "Cajun Navy," called in to shed some light on what it was like to be a volunteer with a boat looking to save people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

"The original 'Cajun Navy' was (during) Katrina," says Barry. "It was formed because KPEL put out a broadcast asking for volunteers. We all just went to Baton Rouge and met at Jimmy Swaggart's old college with FEMA."

Barry went on to talk about how he and the other volunteers were treated by authorities on the ground during that very troubling time period.

"The argument was 'You're not going in until (President George) Bush gives the money to (Louisiana Governor Kathleen) Blanco.' That was the whole fight."

Barry then had a message for Houston:

"The 'Cajun Navy' was forced at gunpoint to leave New Orleans. So I'm calling to say 'Thank you, Houston, for showing some appreciation.'"

LISTEN to the call BELOW:

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