Traveling overseas can be a very exciting thing, but you really have to be aware of where you are going, and what the local and national customs and laws are. Well, that is, if you want to be safe. I personally have made a New Year's resolution to find as many unique experiences right here in the good ole USA as I can. I'm going to see America!

MSN Travel has compiled a list of the most dangerous vacation destinations around the world, and if you are dying to go to any of these places, you might want to think twice. Personal safety conditions, official national or global warnings, and just plain common sense should be at the top of your list for these. Check out the locations below that are considered very dangerous destinations, yet still remain a draw for tourists. You've been warned.


  • Venezuela - violent crime, and according to our State Dept, one of the deadliest countries in the world
  • Mali - ongoing terrorist attacks and criminal violence
  • Kenya - terrorist attacks by al-Shabaab and high crime rate
  • Nicaragua - active volcanoes, and election season violence
  • Turkey - a popular cruise destination, but plagued by terrorist threats and suicide bombings
  • Philippines - terrorist threats, insurgent activities and kidnappings
  • Columbia - gang wars, kidnappings, bribery, drug trafficking, and theft. Apparently the 17th most dangerous country in the world, according to GPI
  • Honduras - one of the highest murder rates in the world
  • Egypt - kidnappings, political unrest and bird flu
  • India - increasing sexual assault of women, terrorism along the Pakistani borders
  • North Korea - tourists frequently experience serious threat of arrest and long term detainment, due to the country's system of law enforcement
  • Bangladesh - long history of political violence. pick pocketings, armed robbery and purse snatchings are all on the rise
  • Ethiopia - muggings and petty theft on the rise. High terrorism threat
  • Algeria - ISIS claiming responsibility for attacks in the Kabylie region and remote areas of southern and eastern parts of the country
  • South Africa - rape, murder, vehicle hijackings, and armed robberies are common
  • Brazil - Zika virus, and violent crimes along the famous public beaches


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