It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Notice I said "look" and not "feel".

The trees are up and decorated to the nines, your neighbor's house is lit up more than Uncle Jeff during Classic Country Saturday Night and Christmas music is being played everywhere you shop.

And with the holidays comes one of my favorite things to love about the season more -- sweet treats!

More specifically, candy is a big thing for the holidays. It's also big business.

The National Confectionary Association estimates that holiday candy sales will be close to $1.93 Billion this year.

It is projected that the average consumer will spend $110 on candy and food, which is twice as much as they'll spend on decorations.

So which candy do people enjoy the most? Well, it varies by state.

You would think that candy canes would rule the roost. In some states it does, but in Louisiana, we apparently think outside the box.

The top three holiday candies in the Bayou State are Pez, Skittles and Reese's Minis, in that order.

Pez? Really?

The folks at had the following to say about Louisiana's top choices:

Louisiana loves football so much. How much? Once when LSU scored a last second touchdown to win a big game, the celebrations from the crowd registered on the Richter scale. So we will guess that the majority of Pez dispensers sold at Christmas time have a Tigers football helmet on top. Skittles came in second, followed by Reese’s Mini Cups.

So there you go. We like a candy for football. Sounds legit to me.


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