Pretty soon almost every other song on the radio will feature the plaintive wailing of a whimsical soul pining for snow, cold noses, hot chocolate, and sleigh rides. This is Louisiana. We don't usually get any of those things other than maybe the hot chocolate. However, Mother Nature and her adopted youngest son Rob Perillo are promising a bit of a nip in the air before we fill our stockings at the end of the month.

If hurricane season has it's El Nino then the winter season's counterpart would be the polar vortex. It's really a thing although it's a thing that doesn't affect Louisiana weather that much. However, in the coming week to ten days forecasters do believe it will.

The long-range forecast for our area suggests that we will start to feel the effects of this shift in the polar weather pattern by next Thursday, December 5th. This won't be pipe busting cold but it will mean temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees below average for this time of year.

If the long-range forecast models are correct, we won't get a quick bounce back warm up from this system either. We could be experiencing below average temperatures for almost two weeks.

You know what? That's just fine. The cooler air will make it feel more like Christmas. The lights at Acadian Village always twinkle brighter when the air is cold don't you think? It's easier to get into the shopping spirit too when you aren't sweating in the checkout line too.

So come on polar vortex, polar express, Alberta Clipper or whatever showbiz name we're supposed to call you. Let's get to chillin'.


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