This could be an easy way to figure out what to dress up as for Halloween.

The folks over at have done the work of finding out the most popular Halloween costumes over the past 51 years, and it's amazing to see how often history repeats itself.

This year, the most popular costume idea seems to be Wonder Woman.

Gotham's Famed Halloween Parade Winds Through New York City
Kevin Hagen, Getty Images

Last year, it was Stranger Things.

Netflix's "Stranger Things" FYC Event - Red Carpet
Getty Images For Netflix

I checked out the most popular costume in the year I was born (totally showing my age here) and it seems like Indiana Jones was all the rage.

Angels Costume House To Receive A BAFTA For Outstanding British Contribution To Cinema
Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

Looking through all of the years, there are many movies, music artists and pop culture icons that reminded me just how big they were in each respective year, but what's even cooler is all of the top costumes are iconically recognizable enough to pull off this Halloween and any Halloween to come.

As far back as Bugs Bunny in 1967 to Superman in the 70s and Michael Jackson in the 80s, enjoy this Halloween costume-themed walk through time by checking out the entire list here and tell us what the most popular costume was in the year you were born.

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