I wouldn't dream of going to the movies without partaking in the delicious snacks that are available at the counter. And I don't ever go unless I can afford the popcorn and sweet treats to view the film. And I am not alone in that respect, for sure.

According to the folks at thekitchn.com the Top 11 most popular candies are below. They are ranked according to Classic Vibes, Taste, and Plays Well with Popcorn. I'm happy to see that some of my favorites are on the list. Pass the gummies, y'all...

  1. Sno-Caps
  2. Goobers / Raisinets
  3. Dots
  4. Junior Mints
  5. Whoppers / Milk Duds
  6. Red Vines
  7. Good & Plenty / Mike and Ike
  8. Buncha Crunch
  9. Sour Patch Kids
  10. Swedish Fish
  11. Haribo Gold Bears

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